The legend of coffe origin begins in Ethiopia

Ethiopia, known as the historical birthplace of coffee, holds a captivating tale that has transcended generations. Rooted in folklore, the narrative traces back to around 800 AD and revolves around a pivotal moment involving Kaldi, an Ethiopian goat herder.

Legend has it that while Kaldi was tending to his goats, he noticed an unusual vigor among his flock. Curious, he observed them munching on berries from a particular tree. Intrigued, he decided to sample the berries himself, experiencing a surge of alertness and energy akin to that of his goats.

Recognizing the significance of his discovery, Kaldi shared these mysterious berries with local monks. However, upon tasting the berries, the monks were quick to attribute the newfound energy to sinister origins, denouncing it as the devil’s work. Reacting swiftly, they cast the berries into the flames.

A remarkable turn of events followed as the roasting berries emitted an enchanting, aromatic essence that permeated the air. Realizing their misjudgment, the monks hastily salvaged the berries from the fire and crushed them into glowing embers.

Correcting their earlier mistake, the monks sought to explore the potential of these roasted beans. They steeped the remnants in a jug filled with hot water, intending to preserve and examine this newfound creation.

Upon imbibing this brew, the monks were astonished to find that it aided them in maintaining wakefulness during their nightly devotions and prayers. This serendipitous discovery marked the inception of a beverage that would soon spread across lands, captivating hearts and minds.

While this narrative of Kaldi and the monks stands as a cherished legend, the historical origins of coffee are likely intertwined with the ancient practices of the nomadic Oromo/Galla communities in Ethiopia and northern Kenya. Nevertheless, the tale remains a captivating testament to the enduring allure and cultural significance of coffee in Ethiopian history.

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